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We are a registered non-profit charitable organisation aiming at promoting social mobility and global awareness through education with a strong focus on English and technology. We hope to collaborate with everyone to make the world a better place for all.

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We have been granted tax exemption from the Hong Kong Government as a registered non-profit charitable organisation.  
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Serenity English Enhancement Scheme (SEES) for Primary Schools

We offer a comprehensive Serenity English Enhancement Scheme (SEES) for Hong Kong primary schools to renovate the way English is learnt and taught with effective use of technology and the deployment of native-speaking English teachers and tutors. We recruit, train and support the full-time placement of Serenity International Native-speaking English Tutors (iNETs) who are trained to collaborate with Local English Teachers (LETs) to enhance students' English skills. We also bring in education consultants to work alongside with the English Panel and the Native English Teachers (NETs) of the school to design and deliver customised solutions according to their needs.

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Deadline for school application for Academic Year (AY)2018-2019 on 15 May 2018. 
Limited placements will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis, so early application is strongly advised. For a free consultative visit before application, please email info@serenityhk.org.

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Serenity iNETs (international, innovative, intelligent Native English-speaking Tutors who always take initiative and are keen on integration into the Chinese culture

As Serenity iNETs, you will be involved in an innovative project, Serenity English Enhancement Scheme (SEES), to help primary schools in Hong Kong to make English learning and teaching more effective, and enjoyable with technology. You will work in collaboration with Serenity Support Team (SST) to help develop iTeachers to bring up iStudents for the iWorld. Training and support will be provided. Teaching or technology work experience is not required.

You need to:

  1. have great passion working with students;

  2. play an active role in promoting learning English as a global Language to help make the world a better place for all;

  3. be interested in the use of technology;

  4. be culturally open and would like to be involved with the sharing of global values through education;

  5. collaborate with us to help promote social mobility through education;

  6. be ready for the challenges living and working in Hong Kong where the East meets the West for one year as a taster and are open to staying longer for your first career in Teaching English as a Global Language (TEGL);

  7. be a native English speaker or having similar competence;

  8. have good physical, mental and psychological health;

  9. have a clean police record and will be the role model for the students;

  10. be a recent university graduate holding a bachelor degree.

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