About us

Serenity Foundation Limited (Serenity Foundation or SF) is a registered non-profit charitable organisation in Hong Kong. We are set up by a team of professional and experienced educationalists. 
Our team have more than 15 years of proven success in helping Hong Kong students improve their English while developing young leaders and promoting global awareness with the placement of recent university graduates who are native-English speakers or have the competence of native-English speakers from many countries all over the world. 

The team has set up a new non-profit charitable organisation to: 
  • Enhance social mobility and global awareness through education. We hope to help Hong Kong students create more opportunities for study, work and getting connected to the world better by establishing a competitive edge in English, technology, global vision as well as a committed, open and positive attitude;
  • Take advantage of the latest development in technology to renovate the way English is learnt and taught. All of the schools in Hong Kong have enhanced WiFi, we are the pioneer in helping students and teachers improve the English language environment as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of learning English as a global language, a language as important as their first language;  
  • Offer comprehensive training and support to young international graduates who are interested in developing a career in Teaching English as a Global Language and be the ambassadors to help people from all over the world to communicate and collaborate better through English and with the help of technology;
  • Help local English teaching staff to make better use of technology to develop the English curriculum; and
  • Collaborate to help make a better and more peaceful global community. 

We are focusing on primary schools now.

We have a small and cozy management team of volunteers and semi-volunteers to take care of Serenity English Enhancement Scheme and the iNETs.

For more information about Serenity English Enhancement Scheme (SEES), please click here.

For more information about Serenity International Native-speaking English Tutors with strong IT support (iNETs), please click here.